Had a great day at Prema Arts Centre yesterday, running an afternoon workshop. We were making a pair of slippers out of old, felted woolen jumpers. The emphasis was on using favourite jumpers which had been a victim of the washing machine and shrunk to unwerable proportions!

We followed a simple pattern, adapted from ‘Sewing Green: 25 Projects Made with Repurposed and Organic Materials’ by Bez White.

The pieces were cut out and stitched together right-side out so you get a thick, decorative seam around the edges. The soles were re-inforced with leather heel and toe grips.

ImagePictured above are Jenny’s slippers, almost finished! The jumper was a hand knit and had shrunk to make a lovely, thick felt.

Here are Emily’s slippers, great use of mixed materials. The stripey fabric was from two jumpers which were accidentally felted. The cuffs are from an old Aran jumper (see below!).

And Ruth’s, which look particularly cosy – made from a chunky Aran jumper and finished with blue blanket stitching.

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