So here’s a brief run down on how to make these felt flowers.

1. Start with a circular template, in this case I’ve used the lid to an aerosol can, approx 5cm across, but use anything similar that’s to hand or cut a cardboard template to suit.


2. Draw out 3 circles, taking care to make the best use of the fabric available.

3. Carefully cut them out, cutting inside the line or, as I’ve found from experience of using black marker pen, you get an unsightly black line around the edge of the flower!



4. Take one of the circles and, with the right side of the fabric facing out, fold it it half.












5. Then fold it in half again.












6. Hold it together tightly, turn over, and with matching thread sew it together with several stitches at the base of the flower. (Sorry my camera phone couldn’t quite focus at this point!)




























Now, repeat steps 4, 5 & 6 with the other two fabric circles.










You’ve now got 3 fabric flowers!

To make even more impact, sew the 3 together to make a corsage.

Group them together and sew through the bases. With the felt flowers groups of 3 work well. You can also make them from lighter cotton or silk, in which case you can group more of them together as they are not so bulky.

In this case I’ve made 2 more corsages from tonally matching felt and grouped the 3 together to make a super corsage!



Cut out another 2 circles, to use as the back, and sew the 3 corsages onto one.




























And sew a brooch back onto the other.














You can add a crocodile hair clip too, in this case I’ve made 2 slits in the fabric and pushed the back of the clip through the slits.












Now sew the circled of felt with the fittings on onto the back of the corsage

You can also add leaves by cutting oval shapes out of green felt and sewing them onto the back too.

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