The idea for these little bolero style cardigans came about when I needed a cover-up to go over the lovely vintage dress I wore to my sisters wedding.

It was in May, and the unpredicatable English weather could go either way…so I needed something that would keep me warm if it was cold, but wouldn’t swamp me or hide the dress….I was searching for a pale coloured stole or bolero, to no avail.

With just over a week to go a friend advised me to make something from an old, felted wool jumper – readily available from a charity shop or carboot fair near you! She explained how easy the felted wool is to cut up and manipulate, you don’t have to hem it, and it keeps you warm whilst still letting the skin breathe.

I duly went out that weekend and found a suitable jumper, cut it open up the front, shortened it, cut the sleeves down, added an extra piece at the shoulder to make puff sleeves, et voila!

It was a bit rough around the edges, but did the job, and attracted a lot of compliments! This led me make a small range of them to sell, I played around with the design and added a collar, using the hem I’d cut off the bottom of the jumper, and adding ruching here and there to give vintage details.

Now spring is in the air again I’m updating the range and they will be available on the Handmaids stall at Stroud Farmers Market, or I can make them to order if you want a particular size or colour.

The ones made from cashmere are especially luxurious!

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