A couple of months ago I made some Bunny Ears which were sold through my local stockist Made in Stroud.

They sold well in the run-up to Easter, and one lady even bought two woollen pairs for a party.

I collected the unsold stock to take to a Vintage & Craft Fair in Gloucester. That same day the customer (who had already bought 2 pairs) contacted me to ask if she could buy the last remaining woollen pair.  She also asked if I could make matching tails to go with the ears. The catch, she lived in London and needed them all in 5 days time for the party!

Gulp. So, allowing for posting time, I effectively had 2 days to make them. Not one to disappoint  I went to the studio on Sunday, dug out the woollen fabric, looked up patterns for making ‘tails’ online, and experimented with different shapes and designs.


I quickly realised that using a tennis ball or juggling ball pattern was just too time-consuming, and I didn’t have that much fabric to play with, so instead I scaled up the pattern I use for making felt flowers and produced a fluffy, tail shape.


The tails were made from the same fabric as the ears – recycled felted wool from old jumpers – and made for a  fetching set of Bunny outfits!

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