Now it’s a well known fact that the English like their tea! And I’m no exception. So, a while ago I was inspired, partly by this obsession and partly by the Mad Hatters Tea Party theme, to make some hair pieces with miniature tea sets. Placed on gingham check fabric to look like a table top and trimmed with vintage lace.

teaset montage

They have sold steadily through Made in Stroud and worked perfectly in my Bristol stockist Cox and Baloney as they have a vintage style tea room!

I was contacted a couple of months ago to make a bespoke tea set fascinator for a wedding guest, she is an actress, her partner is a poet, and they both enjoy dressing up. The brief was to use a purple and white check fabric base (to match with the purple bridesmaids dresses) and a pale coloured tea set. After the first meeting we decided to make a matching bandana for her dog Merlin as well, using the same gingham check fabric.

Kim teaset fascinatorThe design evolved to include some cake too, on a miniature cake stand and slices served up on little side plates!

Kim teaset & Merlin bandana

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