So you care about the environment? Then why shouldn’t your special day reflect this too in the suppliers and products that you use.

Ethical and sustainable are two words that get used a lot at the moment, but they are words that I have always lived by and which I strive to apply throughout my business.

Some facts about me and my business;

  • All my designs are hand made by me using vintage, natural and recycled materials. If you visit my studio you will see that I am a hoarder, I hate throwing things away and so am constantly looking at ways of re-using and re-purposing materials. This means I am always scouring local antiques and flea markets, carboot fairs and charity shops for vintage and pre-loved jewellery, haberdashery, millinery supplies and materials (including 2nd hand clothing in decorative or luxurious fabrics like sequins, silk, velvet, or tweed) for upcycling into hats, fascinators and tiaras.
  • Below is an example of an old straw hat which was too small, which I have cut up, re-blocked in a mini beret shape and trimmed with vintage faux fruit & flowers;
  • When I do have to buy new materials, I do so in a responsible manner, choosing natural and sustainable products where possible
  • I do use bird feathers in my products, these are either vintage, a by-product of the meat industry or are from a licenced gamekeeper. However, increasingly I am collecting naturally shed feathers and am looking to phase out ‘new’ feathers which may have come from birds that have been bred, raised and killed in cruel conditions.
  • I keep and re-use packaging, and where I do use new it is sourced in the UK and made from recycled paper/board. I have also ditched the sellotape and now use brown paper tape so my customers can easily re-use or recycle my packing boxes.
  • At the studio and at home we separate out the recyclables and kitchen waste and dispose of it responsibly.
  • My studio is in walking distance of my home, so are the local shops and post office, so I rarely need to drive, and when I do I make sure to double up on errands to make the best use of my journey.
  • I am a vegetarian, and have been since I was 13, and am currently cutting right back on dairy with the aim of going completely vegan.
  • I buy and wear vintage and thrifted clothing, and repair and alter them as and when required. In the last 2 years I have bought 4 brand new items of clothing, this year I aiming for zero!
  • I bank with the Co-op and all statements, utility bills and correspondence is paperless where possible.

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